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Sorry for the recent lack of posts!

19 Jan

Sorry for the recent lack of new posts!  I’ve been very busy this month – my exams are in the coming weeks and all of the final projects have boiled down to right about now. I’ve not found the time while being buried underneath my books to write another post – or bake anything! I promise you, that I will try and get another one up in the next two weeks.

Thanks for sticking with me in 2011, and here’s to sticking with me in 2012!



SOPA and PIPA protest

18 Jan

Along with many other bloggers, I am protesting the SOPA and PIPA bill of internet censorship to be passed in the United States. My blog will be blacked out today from 8am to 8pm as a part of the strike.

Hey! Long time, no see…

3 Sep

Hello blogging world!

I’m sorry about the month-long hiatus from the blog. I’ve been on vacation, camp and basic summer busyness. Now that I’m back, I really hope to pick up the post-a-week swing this blog had before the summer vacation. I haven’t really made anything adventurous that I felt obliged to share since I returned – mostly rushed batches of brownies or cookies that were already on the blog for the sake of having something to eat around the house. I’ve had some sandwich cremes (basically oreos) in the house for a while that I promised myself I would make something with. I was all ready to bake today – and then my camera busted. So now I have to go up to the camera store, fix it up (thank goodness for 2 year warranties!) and get back to baking. Thanks for patience!!


Piggy Popularity :)

14 Jun

Almost everyday when I see the views of my blog, the top searches are somewhere along the lines of:

pig cupcakes

pink pig cupcakes

cute pig cupcakes

pig cupcakes recipe

And then I click on the top page and I keep seeing these ‘lil fellas

Aren’t they adorable? Believe me, I know.

Anyways, I looked back to the blog post, and it was more descriptive than instructional! (Appalling!) So, I decided to wander back down to the pig cupcakes and add a little how to for the amateur baker 🙂

Oink Oink! 😉


New Camera for Baking Pics :)

8 May

Hi everyone 🙂

For the past few weeks, I’ve been without camera. The one I was using was unfortunately stolen and I had nothing ideal to take pictures with. But luckily, yesterday I went out and bought myself a new camera. It’s the Nikon Coolpix S4100. I would take a picture of it…. but that’s kind of impossible. I could tell you how amazing it is, but the bottom line is it’s purple and it takes really great pictures. Can you notice the difference?

Also, I’m surprised at how fast this is picking up! Thank you for your subscriptions and comments – and of course views 🙂 We’re currently averaging at around 30 views a day – which is more than I would have expected when I started this!

Hope everyone has a great mother’s day 🙂


Hello world!

22 Apr

It’s time for something new to bring into the life of this bored baker. A blog. Somewhere for me to share the exciting adventures and recipes that I’ve come accross in my baking adventure. Enjoy – the reading and the things you’ll make from this!