Lemon Buttermilk Sheet Cake

4 Jun

Hi blogging world!

This past weekend I decided to whip up this awesome sheet cake from America’s Test Kitchen’s Best Summer Desserts book and it was fabulous! It had lovely texture; a crumbly, moist, lemony cake with a lemon glaze and a crunchy sprinkle of lemon sugar, which complemented it beautifully. I’ve always been a fan of America’s Test Kitchen, it combines two of my passions into one awesome little cookbook – journalism and baking. The informative write ups on the recipes beforehand are always helpful to me, especially the little features about the equipment on the sides (Sidenote: When you think stand mixer, you think KitchenAid is the one to beat. Not the case, the Test Kitchen’s tests prove that the Cuisinart model is the better option. Guess which one my gourmet Dad and I picked out?). Anyways, if your looking for a nice summery, colourful desserts book this season, give this one a try and you’ll be pleasantly surprised with all the great stuff! Anyways – on with the pictures!!

I was feeling a bit artistic this time around with the photos, but that’s okay, right? Unfortunately, my camera broke! Which means, that now I’m on the search for an expensive DSLR. That should be fun.


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