Valentines Cookie Art

10 Feb

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Whether they’re gifts for someone special or something to gorge on in self-pity, these cookies are intricate little pieces of art!

This is my first time really making something as artsy and detailed in cookie form. When I think cookies, I think scooping out some chocolate chip on parchment paper and sticking it in the oven. Not these guys. Not only are they twice as good, they take twice as long to make too!!

The base of these cookies is a delicious chocolate cut-out cookie recipe from this amazing cookie blog I discovered recently called Bake at 350. If you haven’t already heard of it, it’s amazing and I highly recommend you check it out! Here is the recipe I used. I used some cute Valentines themed cookie cutters, an X shape and a sweet heart. For the purpose of these cookies, it was really important that once they were cut out, they kept they’re form. The secret is from the genius behind Bake at 350, stick the cut out cookies in the freezer for 5 minutes before baking. I tried it out and it worked really well at baking nicely shaped cookies. The only mishap I had was the pan in the freezer falling out on the floor as soon as I opened the door, unfortunately some cookies bent into frozen balls of mush and were not salvageable (until I rolled them out again, that is!). Once I baked and cooled all my cookies it was time to move onto the fun part – Royal Icing.

Royal Icing is the icing used to decorate cookies with, as it leaves a nice hard, shiny, matte finish when dried. It’s really  simple to whip up quickly – there are thousands of homemade recipes online with only a couple of ingredients. For this recipe, you will need to make two different kinds of royal icing. One of them needs to be of stiff, pipe-able consistency. The other one, is the same recipe, just with added water to ensure it’s consistency is thinner than the previous batch, to make the consistency a sort of thick syrup, which makes it easier to flood the cookie with. It’s also advised to add a gel paste food colouring to this one, to create contrast.

First of all, outfit your piping bag with a tiny little #2 piping tip. Then, fill the piping bag with your thicker royal icing. On each cookie, pipe the outline of the shape and let dry for around half an hour (sometimes this takes a long time to do, so usually you can just jump right into flooding the cookies on the first ones you piped after you’ve finished piping everything!). For this next part, you can either use a squeeze bottle, piping bag or spoon. I used a spoon, because one of my other piping bags ripped 😥 Take a small amount of your syrupy royal icing and spread it around with the spoon within the outline of the cookie. Let it sit for an hour before you go back to the piping bag to add details and words.

It may sound straightforward, but I warn you that it is very time consuming! I spent multiple hours on these cookies… and then came back the next day and made more because I had enough royal icing 🙂 The ones I showed you here are X’s and hearts, but the second time I made these (not featured) I made them all hearts because it was easier to make than the X’s and put conversation heart sayings on all of them. They were pretty cute!

Have a Happy Valentines Day!


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