DC Cupcakes!

26 Nov

There’s definitely an upside to frequently checking the Bonnie Gordon Confectionery College’s facebook page. That’s exactly how I found out about this event at Indigo Yorkdale.

Have you heard of Georgetown Cupcake, run by Sophie La Montagne and Katherine Kallinis, sisters and baking goddesses? Or maybe you’ve seen their television show, DC Cupcakes, broadcast on TLC. Either way – they are legendary in the baking world. And they’ve wrote a book.

I was so psyched to go see them! I’d been fans of the show for a while (You might remember me mentioning them in a post about cupcakes earlier ;)) and I couldn’t wait to snatch their new book off the shelves and get reading! I brought along my friend, a fellow DC Cupcakes fan, my camera and my admiration.

Yorkdale is sorta close to where I live. It was around an hour drive to get there – which wasn’t that bad. The event started at 7:00pm, and we got there at around 6:40. There was around 25 chairs in front of a stage, and when we got there, we were the start of the standing line behind all of the chairs. Luckily for us,  some one moved the standing line to the side of the chairs. So, being at the front of the standing line – we were right at the front and only a couple feet away from the stage!

It was so amazing to see them!

They did a brief introduction about themselves, and then dove right into the questions. (Heads up DC Cupcakes fans – a new holiday episode on December 2nd!) And then – they started going through the line for a meet and greet and to sign the books!

I admit – I was totally freaking out!! These two are like, my idols! They were really sweet and loved the cupcakes my friend (left) had made for them! A Chapters employee had taken my camera so he could take photos for our little meet and greet, which was really nice. It was such a great experience!

But of course – the cupcake sisters didn’t come empty handed…

They brought along cupcakes for everyone at the signing! I pretty much died at that 🙂 I snagged a delicious Toffee Crunch while my friend had the Cinnamon.


In other news – stay tuned for my replica of their signature cupcake, Chocolate Ganache!


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