Modern Shortbread

30 Sep

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When I was walking through the deli/bakery section of Whole Foods, I caught my eye on these meticulously dipped in chocolate shortbread cookies – and they looked gorgeous. It may be a Christmas thing, but I absolutely looove shortbread. Probably my favorite cookie. So why haven’t I made shortbread before? I honestly have no idea. So, thank you Whole Foods bakery staff for creating these modern shortbread to spark my creativity and attention.

After I saw the cookies, I became obsessed. I didn’t buy one at the store because I was in a rush, so of course, when I got home I needed to make them. Unfortunately, I didn’t have enough time that night, so I went to school the next day with this idea of creating a Black and White shortbread. When I got home and googled a recipe, it turned out that these fantasy black and white cookies didn’t exist. Black and White cookies have cake-like texture with icing on both sides. Not the shortbread I had dreamed of. So, since it didn’t exist on the internet, I decided to do a little improv baking. I googled a recipe for basic shortbread and rolled out small circles with my biscuit cookie cutters. Then, I used about 1 1/2 cups of chocolate chips to dip the cooled shortbread. I was thinking that it would be extremely difficult to do because the chocolate would diminish to the point where I couldn’t dip it anymore. Luckily, I had a rubber spatula on hand. So, I scraped up all the chocolate and pushed it to a side and dipped the cookie on an angle. And? It worked perfectly! It’s a shame there was a lot of excess chocolate, I had to delicately scrape it off. Shaking it off didn’t work so well because of accidently hit the side of the bowl, shattering the cookie. So, I picked up the bigger crumbs and then mixed in the smaller crumbs into the chocolate and prayed it wouldn’t make a difference. After dipping, I placed the cookies on plates lined with wax paper to let the chocolate harden for a couple of hours. The result? Absolute shortbread perfection 🙂


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