A Cake fit for…. a dog?

11 Sep

Tomorrow is my baby Sandy’s 8th Birthday! We’re celebrating today a) because she’s a dog and she’ll never know the difference and b) it’s a weekend day where everyone will be at home for her!

Yesterday I made her dog biscuits (which she LOOOVES. She’s getting good at performing a little routine of sit, lay down, spin with voice command and shaking of a biscuit) so she’d have something yummy just for her. Isn’t she sweet?

Anyway – onto this ‘doggy cake’.

Sandy got her biscuits – and I got to make a cake. I’ve had these awesome Chicago Metallic cake pans that I’ve been dying to be using for ages! Sandy’s birthday was the perfect excuse for me to make another cake. I made Cake Boss’s recipe for Chocolate Cake and kind of improv-ed the icing. Which is why the icing didn’t turn out that great. It was a bit too dry to spread very well – needed more milk. I was planning on sharing it with you guys – but it wasn’t exactly my best. Next time I’ll try a different one!

For the lack of icing design potential, I turned to gumpaste to add some cute 3D dog stuff on the cake. I made a cute food bowl (filled with mini chocolate chips), a water dish (filled with blue piping gel), a tennis ball and a dog bone. For an added effect, I turned to my gumpaste letter cookie cutters to spell out ‘Happy 8th Birthday Sandy”. It was a pretty cute cake. Here’s some photos!


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