Homemade Popsicles!

20 Jul

What’s better than store bought popsicles? Homemade popsicles. I saw this machine called the Zoku Quick Pop Maker in Williams Sonoma a couple of months ago and thought it was pretty neat. Unfortunately, I didn’t have around 80$ to get the machine and it’s tools, so no Zoku popsicles for me. But it’s pretty neat, isn’t it?

Personally, I think that that strawberry banana one up there looks amazing. And look at the pretty striped lime one? Awesome.

The big sell on this maker is that it’s an easy way to make healthy, organic popsicles (better than the sugary crap you find in grocery stores). My family is an all around organic family, so I can easily envision making some yummy pops for a summer treat. (Yes – I don’t have this machine. I really wish I did. I hope you can get it and share with me. :))

The coolest thing about this, is probably the accessories that you can buy alongside this kit to make really cool looking pops. Each side kit costs around 20$. The 70$ (CAN) machine seems cheap for a lifetime of pops. But it’s the kits that really kill you. Again, this is why I don’t yet have this machine. It’s pretty pricey to be used in like 4 months of the year. But it’s pretty cool.

Look at these!

Another 20$ kit, but this one is definitely my favourite. Character pops! Too cute!

Unbelievably adorable. I like the yellow birdie the best 🙂

Need something more compact or simply don’t need 6 sticks? This mini maker has 4 sticks and two compartments. And it’s super cute.

Yippee! Another 20$ kit! What are we up to now, 110$? These are the Zoku tools, you can make fancy pops with these.

These are the kinds of super cute fancy pops you can make with the tools. Fancy diagonal stripes and stars and hearts!

If you simply refuse to put your pops in a affordable Ziploc bag for storage, have no fear. Spend 20$ more and keep them picture ready in a storage case! (Okay, I have to admit they do look really cute. I love the blue flower one!!)

Gorgeous pops and photography! I’m just about dying here they’re so cute and classy!!

What about this super cute cupcake pop!? Adorable. And look at the bunny? Sooo cute.

Cherries, Chocolate and Cream? This was found on Zoku’s Recipe Blog, where you can find recipes if you’re like me and too stingy to pay another 20$ for 40 recipes in a colour printed book.

This, being said 20$ book. I’m sure they have some fun recipes. But you can still be creative without it.

Recipes like Pink Mojito. Fancy.

DOUBLE RAINBOW. Enough said.

Wasn’t that helpful? Can you now justify spending another 20$ on this kit?


So what’s the verdict? Are you going to allow yourself to spend 150$ to get every little cute appliance or accessory Zoku has to offer? Will you never look at a popsicle the same way? For 70$, it can make cute ice pops. But they don’t come cheap. I like the original plan – healthy, fresh fruit ice pops. But marketing the bare minimum at 70$ and then telling us we should spend more than double that to make even better pops – that’s not cool.


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