Chocolate, Walnuts, Espresso – Oh my!

7 Jul

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It’s been awhile since I made something really chocolatey and delicious – in cookie form. The brownie cookies I made awhile back were a bit lacking, and I figured this would be a good opportunity for redemption. My mom was going in for some surgery-like procedure and couldn’t eat for a day and a half prior. That meant no chocolate, no coffee and no nuts – few of her favourite things. While she was at the hospital, I decided to whip up a batch of these amazing cookies I found on Epicurious for a little welcome home treat – and they were delicious! I made Chocolate Walnut Espresso cookies, with its brownie batter consistency and caffeine kick, these are one of the few cookies I can call my favourites.

I usually don’t bake with nuts, mostly because I don’t like them in sweets. But today, these were for my mom, so it wasn’t about me. The recipe called for a cup of walnuts, but in the large batch, it wasn’t very much. I got around one or two walnuts per cookie. (Sidenote: Here’s the recipe from Epicurious since I can’t post it here) These were quick and easy to whip up, and really simple to bake. I used my small ice cream scoop because of the brownie like consistency and it made all of the scooping a whole lot easier. I also don’t normally use coffee in my treats because I don’t drink coffee, but these tasted really good with the ground espresso – I guess I might have to start making more caffeinated treats!

When baked, these cookies poof up a bit and get a really nice crackle coating. The inside is really moist and decadent. Perfect cookies for a tall glass of milk – or a cup of coffee! These have become a hit in my family and they surely will be a hit in  yours too 🙂


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