Grad Cake Pops!

26 Jun

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I’m exhausted writing this. Why? I just spent 6 hours non-stop (without lunch break!!) making graduation cap cake pops for the 62 members of EJ James graduating class. 62 intricate, detailed, time consuming cake pops. 62. (Actually, it ended up being 61. 3 gluten allergy people plus 2 teachers minus a few broken ones equals 61…)

But aren’t they impressive? Yes – I thought so too 🙂

I made the 2 cakes the night before. Yes – two cakes. Two 9 by 13 cakes. Why? Because I’m an idiot. On Bakerella’s website these cake pops are supposed to make around 50. So having 60 people, I would have to make a double batch. I didn’t even use the second batch. Because the first one made 88. Yes – 88. I haven’t even finished making them yet. It was around 6:00pm when I finished the 61st cake pop and I kind of cried a little bit and put everything away. I can finish the 20 other ones later! (After all, I do have some sprinkles and candy melts laying around…)

The most impressive thing? It took 4 400g bags of candy melts to make all 61 cake pops. That’s an obscene amount. Maybe because I needed a bag and a half for the candy squares on top. The squares were fun to pop out – actually everything was fun to pop out. I had a mold for 24 squares, and one mold for 6 cake pops, so you can imagine it took awhile! It also took awhile getting the sour candy belts separated and cut into 3s and separating all of the skittles. One thing I learned? Time consuming. Very, very time consuming project. And that’s why I won’t make these again. Atleast until my sister graduates highschool in two years. Then I will give in. But I’m not making 61 again. Nevereverever.

I think I’m sick of cake pops now. If I didn’t have another 88 to makes worth in batter and another 20 in the freezer right now, I probably wouldn’t touch a bag of candy melts in 6 months. But no. I’ll be doing this all over again tomorrow before the batter spoils. Yahoo.


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