Simple Flower Cupcakes

17 Jun

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There’s cakes that are so intricate, detailed and in-your-face amazing. And then there’s those that aren’t. But you know what? That’s okay. Simple things can be really beautiful. Like these flowery cupcakes.

These little cuties were inspired by the success of my easy and adorable Cute Pink Pig Cupcakes and the new pastel food colouring gel I was simply itching to try out. The recipe basically follows the one in the Cute Pink Pig Cupcakes recipe, but with a bit of a variation.

(I bought these daisy cutters awhile back, but now that I think about it the tiny one that I used in this recipe looks an awful lot like the flower topper on DC Cupcake’s Georgetown Cupcake’s signature flavours! Neato!

Ingredients and Tools:

– 24 cooled chocolate cupcakes (chocolate to signify the dirt, pre-made because everyone has that favourite recipe they’re going to sub in anyway!)

– 1 batch vanilla buttercream (each recipe for the home cook usually yields enough)

– small daisy gumpaste/fondant cutter (see link above for mine!)

– Around 2 tablespoons of gumpaste… again just a guess! (Note to self: Measure next time!)

– Pastel green food colouring gel (Anything works, but this is the best)

– Pastel pink food colouring gel

– Tablespoon confectioners sugar (dusting on surface to roll out gumpaste)

– rolling pin


1. Tint buttercream to desired hue with green food colouring

2. Roll out gumpaste and tint with pink food colouring

3. Create 24 flowers out of gumpaste

4. Fill piping bag equipped with star tip

5. Pipe cupcakes

6. Put flower on top of each cupcake

7. Enjoy!


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