Cake, Cupcakes and Canucks

16 Jun

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Last night I was up until 11:00pm scrubbing dishes, putting away ingredients and wiping icing sugar off the counters. Why? Today is my school’s summer BBQ. And guess what? They have a cake walk. My school has around 400 kids, so they need tons of cakes. I made three. Well, technically cupcakes are cakes, so it’s alright.

Cake 1: Flourless Chocolate Cake

One of my good friends has an allergy to gluten and she requested that I make a gluten free cake. Luckily, I have an awesome recipe for Flourless Chocolate Cake and I was excited to make it. I made this cake first because of it’s simplicity – no clean up and quick to make! My friend has promised that she will pick mine if she wins – which makes me happy 🙂

Cakes 2 and 3: Simple Flower Cupcakes

These were really adorable cupcakes! Inspired by the pink pig cupcakes I’ve made previously and my new pastel food colouring gels, these cuties were born. It’s a chocolate cake with vanilla buttercream and a small gumpaste flower on top. Really adorable – and not too much exhausting decorating. I made 24 in total, but made 2 plates of seven cupcakes to donate to the fair. The rest I keep for myself! Omnomnomnom 🙂

It was really stressful doing all of this – in one night! Nonetheless game seven of the Stanley Cup where Boston was crushing the Canucks – which being Canadian, was very upsetting! And I had a supposed “quick” trip to Michaels in between cakes so I could grab the molds I needed for the graduation cap cake pops I plan to make my class (coming soon!), but it ended up being an hour… i love michaels 🙂

Oh well – now off to the barbecue to win a cake!


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