Science? Or A+ Cake?

14 Jun

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Cake decorating isn’t something that you get marked on (unless you enter competitions). There’s no As or Bs. No pass or fail. Until now…

For my science project at school, we had the task of creating a model of a cell. And… this happened. Well, what would you expect from me, after all? Styrofoam? Pfft. I’m talking ’bout cake.

I paired up with my “apprentice decorator” best friend and we made this scientific cake. We started with a vanilla sponge in a square pan (we were creating a “cellule vegetale” – pardon the translations, I’m a french immersion student so science is in french), using  the extra batter to make multiple cupcakes. We whipped up a buttercream icing and tinted it green. And then came the candy…. oh boy. We had a giant bag or gum balls, gummy worms, nerds and two packages of wafers (2!!). As you can imagine, we had leftovers. Luckily, they were in re-seal-able bags and will come in handy on our upcoming field trip to Quebec City!

We had a diagram of what our cell was supposed to look like, and we placed the candy on top. Wafers coated the sides, cupcake on top, we really decked it out. At school, we used a label maker to add some little tags to the different cell parts to dress it up (Unfortunately, the label maker broke when we had only one more to go…). We memorized our definitions, got the presentation down-pat and we were ready to go!

The worst part of making this cake, was trying to feed a class of 30 with a small square cake, I think it was 8 by 8 inch pan. We had so many people come up to us and ask if they could have some! So in the end, we just split the cake and brought it home. Also, the mockery for this was pretty bad. A group of guys bet that they could make a better cake then me… and they actually made a cake! Which I thought was very surprising… though it was a Duncan Hines mix, not something from scratch – so I still have my dignity. Next step? Making everyone feel bad for the mockery with graduation cap cake pops the last week of school 🙂


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