Cookie Monsters!

12 Jun

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My favourite character on Sesame Street was always the Cookie Monster! So you can imagine I was thrilled when I figured out that I would be making these cupcakes with my equally talented best friend for her birthday! It was her idea – all of this is her fault 😛

These cute cupcakes were a blast to make, but I realize now a few things we could have done differently the next time we make these like instead of using hand-formed white chocolate for the eyes, using vanilla candy melts. But it was a success nonetheless!

We started out with each a bowl of around a one cup coconut (Note: We had 3 different colours and bowls of coconut to ice around 22 cupcakes) and a tub of the paste food colouring in either blue, green or pink. We mixed that up to a satisfying colour and then moved onto dying the icing the same colour. After we were finished with that, we slathered on some icing and then dipped the entire cupcake in the coconut to create the cookie monster’s fur. Then we sliced just below the icing with a kitchen knife about half way into the cupcake to get a slot to fit the cookie. We split cookies in half and shoved them in! Then with the eyes, we spooned some heated white chocolate onto a buttered pan in circular formations then froze them and finally stuck them upright in the cupcakes. A few didn’t nesscessarily work out, so we had a few cyclops cookie monsters!

Take a look at these adorable monsters!!

(Side note: This happened last weekend and the cupcakes are long gone… but I’ve been so busy lately that I have only found time now for this!)


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