Brownie Cookies

5 Jun

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Okay, so now that I have this blog, I’m into trying new things for baking, right? So far, I don’t think I’ve made a  repeat of anything on this yet. You’ll have to understand that before this, the only thing I’d make was my tried and true recipes. No guess work involved. After this? Oh boy.

My town has this event every year called the Oakville  Taste. The top restaurants and bakeries come together a make some of their dishes to serve and put together the recipes in a recipe book for the guests to take home. My sister volunteered at the event and took one of the recipe books home. So I decided to make the brownie cookies from Black Forest Bakery. And that’s where all the problems started.

I was halfway through melting the butter and cocoa powder when I noticed it said to mix in the baking powder and flour. The catch? The recipes list didn’t list flour and baking powder. My mom actually called up the bakery and asked how much to add, but they didn’t know because it’s in different quantities then they’d produce at the bakery. So ultimately, I had to guess. I started with a tsp of baking powder, cause that seemed reasonable. Then the flour, I added by the 1/4 cup. I got to 2  and 3/4 cups flour when I gave up. The mixture hadn’t changed from it’s thick brownie consistency and I was running out of patience. So, I took little scoops of brownie and rolled them in the icing sugar, and put them on the pan to bake in the oven.

From the first batch, I learned that you needed to get more icing sugar on it. Then I sampled it and realized that I added too much flour.

Oh well.

They tasted good to everyone else.


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