Spring Fair Cake!

27 May

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Is it possible for someone to put so much care and detail into a cake that they’re giving away – for free? Yes – it is. When there is a cake competition involved.

It’s my little brother’s school’s Spring Fair tomorrow and they host an annual cake walk. Undoubtedly, my mom signed me up to bake a cake. A simple cake…. that soon turned into the most intricate cake I have ever made. And the one I’ve spent the most time, effort and energy on. And only to give it all away to some little child who wins the cake walk…. sigh.

(I swear, if my brother or I doesn’t manage to win it back, I might die a little inside)

First of all, the night before I made gumpaste accessories. That way, they would harden up a bit over night, making them easier to decorate. I used little daisy and leaf cut outs to make some daisies and leafs and a food colouring cap to punch out the daisy centers. I actually bought a letter cut out set and cut out the words Spring Fair to place on top of the cake. I used a lot of food colouring – and my hands are still the awkward blue and red shades  after numerous heavy duty hand washes. Once they were a little hard, I etched on some designs with a tooth pick to add detail. I still haven’t gotten actual gumpaste tools, so this proves that even with pretty much nothing you make make gumpaste beautiful 🙂

I wanted to do my best chocolate cake recipe, but I was convinced not to because chocolate crumbs would show more than vanilla. So I made a vanilla recipe that I’ve used before, but haven’t been too impressed with because I usually substitute vegetable oil for olive oil or grapeseed oil to please my organic mother. But since it’s for a school fundraiser and we don’t need to spend 10$ on a stick of organic butter or anything, I used canola oil and it was delightful! (I ate crumbs I shaved off the top :))

Icing it was… adventurous. I used maybe a full teaspoon of food colouring on a simple vanilla buttercream to turn it a green hue. I outfitted my piping bag with a star tip and did some abstract grass work on the top – which took an agonizingly long time. I used my basket weave tip and decoratively iced the sides – and that didn’t turn out as well as I hoped. I really should have shaved off the sides because there was an obvious gap between the two cakes, which made it extremely difficult to make it look elegant. Luckily, I had some gumpaste leaves to mask a few slip ups, but there are some spots where you can still tell.

Placing the final touches was so much fun! The gumpaste flowers looked so regal and pretty on top of the ‘grass’ and “Spring Fair” really popped out. It was a blast to make and I hope I can manage to snag an award tomorrow!

Enjoy the pics!


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