Cute Pink Pig Cupcakes

18 May

You recognize the stereotypical cupcake. Vanilla frosting, doused with jumbo confetti sprinkles and chocolate cake that crumbles to the touch. Yet again – it is time to crush another stereotype. All you need to make these super cute cupcakes are food colouring, black food writer, gum paste, small pig cookie cutter, chocolate cupcakes and vanilla frosting recipe. Pretty basic stuff.

When I was brainstorming about making something one Sunday afternoon, I was imagining a cake I was going to submit to my brother’s school’s Spring Fair Cake Walk. I was intrigued by the cake walk because they would be judging the cakes, which would be an awesome little competition to win – err… enter. I was planning on piping on green grass and decorating with gumpaste flowers. The bad thing is I don’t yet have cookie cutters for gumpaste yet because I am merely experimenting with it so I couldn’t do that. I went searching in the drawers for a small cutter and the only one I could find was one of a pig. And that ladies and gentlemen is how the pig cupcakes were born. 🙂

(Gumpaste is like fondant, but with an added ingredient to make it easier for molding. Wilton sells gumpaste in packages)

Here’s a little instructional recipe for you!


– 24 cupcakes, baked and cooled (Vanilla, chocolate – it’s up to you. Any recipe works)

– 1 batch of vanilla buttercream (Usually all recipes yield about this much)

– Red food colouring

– Around 1/4 cup gumpaste… depends how thick you want the piggies

– Small pig cookie cutter

– Edible food writer in black (Can be found at Michaels and most baking stores)

– Star tipped piping bag


1. Tint buttercream with food colouring to desired hue

2. Fill piping bag with buttercream and pipe cupcakes in circular formation

3. Using food colouring, tint gumpaste to desirable pink hue (this can get messy – wear rubber gloves to save yourself from hours of scrubbing)

4. Roll out gumpaste to desired thickness and use cookie cutter to cut out 24 pigs

5. Draw hooves and eyes on pigs with food writer

6. Top cupcakes with pigs

7. Enjoy!

My artsy sister helped with the photography for the cupcakes, which explains the new header and background this website now features. Enjoy the pics!


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