Confetti Cakepops!

5 May

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With a Battle of the Books (aka Nerd Club :)) celebration party fast-approaching, I decided I had to make something to commemorate our 5th place finish. My first thought was to make a cake – possibly red velvet because our team colours are Red and White. But one team member didn’t like Red Velvet and I wanted to make something everyone would like. My solution? Cake Pops. Cake pops are the latest sensation in Canada thanks to the grand Starbucks introduction. I attempted to make them before, frog pops as you can see in my header, and they turned out well. My one problem was the food writers I bought were really awful and I didn’t want to go through with them again. Instead, I opted for a surprisingly simple pop – Confetti Cakepops. These are the most basic pops but you can really dress them up with neat sprinkles. I used red candy melts for the school colour aspect, but now I really regret that because white would’ve made the sprinkles pop more. Either way, they were delicious and my team loved them!

Everyone asked how you made cake pops, so I figured I would explain:

– Bake one cake

– Cool, and crumble.

– Mix in icing mixture

– Form completed mixture into ball

– Let cake balls harden in freezer for about 15 minutes, or in the fridge for around 10 hours

– Melt candy melt, dip lollipop stick into mixture about a cm, stick in cake ball

– Dip cake ball entirely in mixture

– Immediately after, dip in sprinkles.

– Leave to stand to firm

– Wrap up and leave in fridge

I promise I will have more pictures soon!


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