Whoopee for Whoopies!

30 Apr

Today it was extremely bright and sunny outside. And though it’s still spring, I flipped to the Summer section of my Whoopie pie recipe book to find some inspiration for the cute little treats I was about to make. It came down to Vanilla pies with Chocolate buttercream or  a dainty Vanilla pie with Strawberry buttercream. Due to the lack of strawberry preserves in my cupboard, Reverse Whoopie Pies it was. They’re called ‘Reverse’ because the most common Whoopie is the chocolate cake with vanilla filling. So in the delicious Reverse whoopies, out with the choco cake and vanilla frosting and in with vanilla cake and choco frosting. This was a real learning curve recipe. Having only made Whoopies once before (that said, it was multiple months ago and from a newspaper, which is… questionable), I still lacked the basic Whoopie knowledge/skills. And because of that, the first batch of Whoopies I put into the oven, I used an ice cream scoop like it recommended – the same that I use for cupcakes. Oh boy – was I wrong there. They came out the size of hamburgers! Totally ridiculous – and massive. Here is proof.

Luckily, there was only 6 monsters, so that makes only 3 mutated whoopies – not as bad. Next batch, I searched frantically for some sort of substitution. My smaller ice cream scoop looked a wee bit too small for the size I had in mind, nonetheless it was broken and I didn’t have time to fiddle around and try and fix it. So instead I opted for a 1/8 cup measuring cup – perfect sized whoopies! And I also baked them for an extra minute and they turned a little crisper on the exterior and turned a beautiful golden colour which I didn’t have in the first batch. After I had them cool, I whipped up the chocolate filling. Rather than messily slathering it on, I used my dessert decorator to pipe it on. They turned out gorgeous! Take a look 😉

Mmmmm… chocolate filling. Shall we zoom in? Oh yes

Satisfied? Definitely. Can’t wait to eat these tonight!


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