My Baking Tools and more :)

24 Apr

Every baker has her tools. Those out of the ordinary items that make their confections special and cool. Well folks, these are mine.

The white triangle is my favourite tool. It lets me add proffesional designs to the edges of my cakes easily – plus it cost like 2$!

The red icing pen allows me to write really small inscriptions on cakes. Doesn’t work too well, but I haven’t practiced with it enough yet.

The huge icing pen is my dessert decorator pro. The tips on the cake turntable go with it. Honestly, the best Christmas present I ever got! Simply fill the pen with icing and it squirts out, without the mess of regular piping bags! Awwwwwesome 🙂

The silver and wooden blade isn’t actually a menacing knife as it might appear in the photo. It’s a whatchamacallit. The word for it has escaped me, but I used it to smooth out the icing – best investment ever!

The two ice cream scoops, I’ve mentioned in previous articles, but I’ll repeat here anyway. I use the small one for scooping cookie dough and mini muffin batter – perfect size for it! The large one is for ice cream and regular sized muffins. Awesome for the people who knit-pick about sizes.

The green and white surface is my cake turntable! It’s better than that though, because there’s a button that will hold it in place for me when transporting cakes! I’d never used a turntable before getting this so it was a total wake up call for me!

I swear I’m not paid for advertising this stuff – I just love these products! The dessert decorator, cake turntable and the triangle are made by Wilton (see their website in my blogroll!). I bought the dessert decorator, turntable and triangle at Michaels craft store – they have an entire aisle filled with strange cake decorating goodness (also in my blogroll)! It’s like my heaven in there 🙂 The whatchamacallit, the fine icing pen and both ice cream scoops I found at a small local kitchen store called To Set A Table – yet again found in my blogroll.

On a side note, my birthday recently passed in early April and I got an exceptional gift from my best friend! Two cooking books for things I haven’t really tried out yet – Cake Pops and Whoopie Pies! These books are fantastic and I highly reccomend them to everyone! The cake pop one is called “POP Bakery: 25 recipes for Delicious little Cakes on a Stick” by Clare O’Connell and the other is “Whoopies! Fabulous Mix-and-Match Recipes for Whoopie Pies” by Susanna Tee. Both great additions to my recipe collection. (Pictured below)


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