Desserts for Dinner Parties

24 Apr

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If you’re like me, then you are always asked to make dessert for dinner parties (not my own, my parents :P). I always stress out about this. What kind of food will be served? Will it go with my dessert? Will whatever I make match nicely with the season? Will it be too light or heavy? Luckily, I know my way around that now. But here are some tips for creating stellar desserts for your dinner parties.

– Intimate family get togethers are less ‘finger food’ occasions. They usually entail a nice long  sit-down dinner and conversation. Finger foods wouldn’t be appropriate (i.e. a platter of small desserts). Instead, opt for a cake or pie. A ‘whole’ dessert for the ‘whole’ family ( sorry, couldn’t resist the pun!)

– For larger gatherings like parties, small dessert platters are your best friend. Pick up a trendy tray or platter that will be eye-catching and get the job done! I showed mine below with a little example of what a platter can do (didn’t have any desserts on hand so I used Easter eggs instead – currently those are very plentiful!). Put the platter in a central area accompanied by napkins so people can grab them easily.

– Stay in season! Heavier, richer desserts like chocolate cake are perfect for winter months, but not as suitable in the light spring months. Summer and Spring desserts are lighter and more citrusy, like berry pies.

– Get tons of variety for dessert trays! I think I made like 5 different desserts the last time I catered for a dinner party, there was definitely something for everyone! Warning: prepare some things in advance that you can freeze. You definitely do not want to be caught making mini cheesecakes mere hours before the party starts like me!

– The most important thing is presentation. For larger desserts or bite size, the presentation is the first impression! For dessert platters, try organizing the desserts by pattern for a neat effect (see photo above). For larger desserts, make beautiful intricate detail work to make a great impression with the crowd!

Above I’ve attached photos of my dessert platter (which I love, got it for around 15$ at Ikea! I know, right?!) and one of my dessert platters from last summer. As well as my Canada Day cake – big family celebration 😉 Enjoy and be inspired!


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