cupcake. Cupcake. CUPCAKE.

23 Apr

It’s been a day of cupcakes! While going into town to get dessert (the Easter Cake I made today will have to wait until tomorrow), I stopped by the local bakery “Black Forest Bakery”. I love their homemade cookies, cakes – and well everything! They had these adorable Japan cupcakes in the window, so I had to go in and pick some out for dessert! They were a delicious and creative Red Velvet cupcake with a red candy melt for the Japan flag. So cute! Enjoy the pics!

I also thought I’d share a few of my favourite cupcake merch while we’re on topic. I found these ADORABLE cupcake containers that are perfect for school lunches! They were sold at my all-time favourite bakery, Cupid’s Cupcakes. Isn’t it just sweet? Perfect for party favours, each kid takes home a container with a cupcake in it – sweet! Tons of Easter colours – lovely!

I mentioned in my Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe the ice cream scoops. These ice cream scoops were made by Paderno and are absolutely perfect for cupcakes too! I bought a regular and small sized scoop from a local kitchen store for a little more than 15$ each (then again, very expensive kitchen store! Please do not let your patience give in when searching for these and settle for the expensive ones like I did!) Simply scoop the batter and release into the muffin tins – it’s that easy! Small scoops are perfect for cookies and mini cupcakes  and the regular sized scoop is great for regular cupcakes! These things are so useful when trying to mesure out the right amounts of batter for cupcakes and cookies – no more arguing over the big ones!

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